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افتراضي Diet cancer treatment

Diet cancer treatment

Attach your diet after cancer Ketbnaha monitoring food for patients, where we noticed that most cancer patients are addicted to eating habits caused their bodies to the creation of this disease is Aaaz Muslims from their evil and they noted the following:
- Eating refined salt or they call the college for fear of pressure (to rock Aualbhari eaten).
- Cook or just as likely, such as hydrogenated oils (sunflower and corn) (and children addicted to chips fried in this oil)
- Increased their Mihoi sweets or refined white sugar and preservatives and color of dangerous.
- Artificial sweeteners ate a lot (Aspartm and drinks Diet and Splenda, etc.)
- Increased their eating what he is made of white flour (which prevents consume important vitamins and minerals in the body) can be minimized and the best Alastaadhanh mainland and bran.
- Addicted to acid (vinegar Crwallamon margarine, tea, citrus fruits, soft drinks and energy drinks).
(Each tower above increases the acidity of the body which is a suitable environment for the growth of cancer cells, which feed on white sugar and refined on the output of digestion of dairy cows and their derivatives (sputum)).
- Eat dairy and beef derivatives frequently (consisting of the mine which is a factor in this disease within the body).
- Had not eaten butter, margarine or natural animal fat (Kalaleh) and Aatabkhoun them (they claimed it caused Alklestrul)
- Do not know anything about Stevia sugar beneficial.
- Do not eat rock salt (salt cane) and the sea is better than it has many of the benefits of the most important fight acidity of the body and feed your body with minerals and is considered important to a reduced blood pressure, the presence of magnesium in it.
- Eat greedily fructose (fruit in sweet corn, sugar, fructose) and sugar, this is one of the fastest components of the grease on the liver, thus causing Alklestrul and triglycerides, and human susceptibility to diabetes may prevent patients from Vaatdl Klstrulhm)
- Suffer from chronic constipation and to soften their stomachs Aiholun (ghee of the best laxatives)
- To Aigmon clean their bodies periodically (Balsna Makki or salt, England), preventing the accumulation of toxins in the lymphatic system that Iatbermn biggest causes of cancer, especially breast cancer among women who Aatarguen and Aathrkin and women with bad eating habits which consists place of cancer in the ducts of the lymphatic system in the breast mostly .
- Some patients Aahafez to forget the daily or offline offline to estimate starting with the eye of God or magic (God forbid you so) finds ready Touch the location (the accumulation of toxins in the lymph) to the benefit of cancer occurs.
- So it's important to start ruqyah in parallel with the diet and the best references at the healing site of Sheikh Abdullah Al Sadhan.

Mr. Saleh Suhaibani

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    افتراضي Diet cancer treatment

    There are highly problematic in this time in the process of balance between sugars and salt.
    The most important sugars, which caution against the excessive sugar fructose is the one who in large quantities in honey and dates.
    And other problematic Honey Do not lose the existing enzymes, one of the most important factors when healing
    (If it was honey to heat over 57 degrees C or Heat Twelve extracted from the wax loses its enzymes therapeutic and the European countries to withdraw the enzymes of this, especially Switzerland and sold as a treatment for illnesses, including cancer) If the honey enzymes become closer to the food from the drug.
    Yesterday I was with the big man on the occasion and was speaking about the fruits and the impact of overkill by the said Old Bjunba that I was diabetic because Akthari of grapes (rich in fructose) I said by doing caused the accumulation of lipids in the liver and offered yourself therefore to Klestrul and triglycerides, and sugar.
    As have mentioned on honey Vahumaih subject to review because we were shocked patient was believed to be a healthy eating large amount of orange, not the owner of salt and Ayakl eating cooked or cooked to Abalsmon Awazubdh and the owner of acids, injuring then into was his body ready for leukemia, injuring it.
    If honey is a natural and did not lose enzymes is taken in moderation and to add a note in the diet.

    Mr. Saleh Suhaibani

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    افتراضي رد: Diet cancer treatment for those who request it is Aaazkm

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    افتراضي رد: Diet cancer treatment


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